Image of a men's classic physique bodybuilder hitting poses

When Shawn Rhoden was announced the winner, having defeated the seven-time champ, Phil Heath, everyone was left collecting their jaws on from the ground. No one saw that coming. It was one heated contest where these fine bodybuilders showcased their talents and fitness. Looking at them pose to the judges, it may have appeared to be easy and well rehearsed, however, you cannot imagine the hours they put in to practice those poses.

Bodybuilding poses involve the use of creative skills to display your form and physical traits while at the same time hiding your weaknesses if any. This is one of the things the Mr. Olympia competition judges are usually after in physique pose contests. Here are the top 7 men’s classic physique poses at the 2018 Classic Olympia.

1. Front Lat Spread

This was the first pose bodybuilders in the 2018 Classic Olympia had to do. It involves displaying the lat width from the front. During this pose, contenders are required to display their chest thickness, front arm, and forearm size, the width of the shoulders, the mass in the quadriceps, separation, and front calf development.

2. Front Double Biceps

In this pose, the bodybuilders have to show off their arm musculature but mostly the judges are more interested in the biceps. This is followed by showcasing the forearm size, the front lat width, the size of the quadriceps and definition, and the front musculature of the calf. For the biceps, bodybuilders have to display both size and peak.

3. Side Chest

This pose involves body builders displaying their chest sizes from either side. For this pose, it really doesn’t matter the side one poses from, it all depends on the side one feels more confident and dominant in. It’s important for a bodybuilder to rotate at least thirty degrees for the judges to have a full view of the chest. This pose also displays other features like the forearm size, thigh separation, and the development of calf muscles from either side.

4. Rear Lat Spread

As the name suggests, the rear lat spread pose involves displaying all the muscles from the rear. It helps to showcase one’s trapezius muscles, rear calf musculature, rear size of the arms, and the definition of glute muscles, as well as that of the hamstring muscles and their development.

5. Rear Double Biceps

As you can see, there’s a pattern here, in that all the front muscles must also be countered by their respective rear muscles. This pose displays the size of the arms and their separation from the rear. The judges are usually more particular with the biceps’ mass and peak. The other muscles displayed in this pose include the infraspinatus, teres major, latissimus dorsi, and the erector spinae muscles. The glute and hamstring muscles are also visible in rear double biceps pose.

6. The Abdominal and Thigh Pose

Here, the bodybuilders will be required to flex their abs from either side by placing both hands over their heads. The other way they effectively manage this pose is to place one hand on their head to display their intercostal musculature and definition.

7. Most Muscular Pose

This is usually the final pose where the bodybuilders are required to display their overall muscularity from the front. This pose is achieved by bringing both arms together across the abdomen.

There are of course other poses that magnificently brings out the workout beast in a bodybuilder. However, the above 7 are some of the mandatory poses contestants had to show at the 2018 Men’s Classic Physique Olympia.

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